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I am a clinical psychologist, trained in both individual and family therapy.  I have been practicing for over twenty years.  I work with children adolescents and adults.  I have a particular interest in helping people negotiate life’s transitions, such as middle school, high school, college, young adulthood, divorce and remarriage.  


While I have had training and experience in treating a variety of disorders including anxiety, depression, ADHD, I am strongly committed to working with a person, not a disorder.  I believe that an authentic, caring relationship is the foundation of effective therapy.  I draw on a variety of treatment approaches, and breadth of experience, to customize therapy for each unique individual or family.  In order to understand the nature of the problem and how to develop an effective solution, I go beyond the individuals’ thoughts and feelings to explore the overall context of their lives including health, relationships, work and school.  Based on this assessment, I will work with you to develop a results-oriented treatment plan that will effectively help you meet your goals. 

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