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When necessary, your SRI therapist may recommend a referral for an evaluation with a psychiatrist.   SRI’s primary focus is on providing psychotherapy and counseling.  However, when needed to support a patient’s progress with an SRI therapist, psychiatric evaluation and medication management services can be provided by SRI’s consulting psychiatrist.




You Must Also Be in Therapy.  Psychiatric services at SRI are available only to patients who are actively involved in psychotherapy or counseling with an SRI therapist.  SRI considers this policy to be an important aspect of our commitment to quality care, as we believe that patients benefit the most when both therapy and psychiatry work together.  At a minimum, patients are expected to attend a psychotherapy session every four to eight weeks in order to maintain eligibility for continued services with the psychiatrist.

If you or your child sees a non-SRI psychiatrist, you are certainly welcome to come to SRI for your therapy or counseling.


Co-payments and Fees. Payment of your copayment is required at the time of service.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy. 


Reminder Call.  Although we try to call every patient as a courtesy reminder to attend the appointment, you are responsible for keeping the appointment even if we do not call.   If you do not attend the appointment or if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, there may be a charge.


Prescription Re-fills.  You are responsible for keeping track of your medications.  Please call the office well before you run out of medication.  Our office is able to take your calls about your prescriptions only during normal business hours.  Calls made over weekends or holidays will be handled on the next business day. 








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