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SRI offers a full range of psychological services. The primary focus of our work centers on psychotherapy and counseling. SRI therapists are trained and experienced in working with preschool children, school age children, teens, adults, couples and families. When needed to support a client’s progress with an SRI therapist, psychiatric evaluation and medication management services are also available. SRI’s certified school psychologists provide psycho-educational evaluations of children and adolescents when this service is required. SRI has offered group therapy in such areas as parenting, social skills training and mood disorders.


SRI has a great deal of expertise to offer to children and families. We provide practical solutions and advice to parents to address the developmental problems that arise even in normal children. SRI has extensive experience with all of the emotional, behavioral, social and school-related challenges that children and adolescents experience. SRI is also well prepared to help adults of all ages. We are proficient in the most effective types of therapy that focus on the full range of challenges and problems that  adults experience including anxiety, depression and life transitions. SRI is also available to families and couples who are seeking to improve their relationships.

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