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SRI’s  main focus is psychotherapy and counseling.  Research has shown that medication can be effective for many problems, but medication alone is rarely “the answer.”  In fact, there is evidence that therapy is just as effective as medication for many problems and that therapy may be superior in being able to prevent relapses after the treatment is completed.  


We start with an initial intake session.  The first step is a comprehensive initial interview. Our therapists will want to gather extensive information about the problem and to begin the process of forming a professional, caring relationship with you. If the patient is a child or teenager,  we typically will meet with the parents first to obtain the history and description of the concerns.


We want to collaborate with you.  Our goal is for you to be involved in collaborating with us in your treatment. We want to have a clear discussion with you about the goals of therapy and our plan for how to accomplish those goals.


We work with all ages.  SRI has psychologists and therapists who are prepared to work with individuals of all ages, beginning with very young children through adulthood.


SRI is prepared to work with almost all types of problems.  Seasoned, experienced therapists are familiar with the full range of problems that people experience. However, there are some services that we do not provide. For example, SRI does not conduct custody evaluations.


SRI Can Help.  We believe in psychotherapy and counseling. We believe in the value of talking to a trained therapist. We see every patient as an individual deserving of a relationship in which his or her challenges can be fully addressed.

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