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Mark Walthofer

My name is Mark Walthofer, I am a Clinical Social Worker and therapist here at SRI Can Help.  While I am new to the practice, I bring 30 years plus of knowledge and experiences to patients.  I have had the good fortune to work with patents of all ages and diagnoses, in hospital, outpatient, mobile therapy, clinic practice nursing home and assisted living settings.   I have worked with all ages, most diagnoses and life situations that occur for individuals, couples, and families.  The most important thing is you the patient, so a positive relaxed and safe experience, I build with my patients. Together we work to develop treatment plans that address your individual needs and issues. In your sessions we address coping skills and develop problem solving skills.  Instruction, practice and use roleplaying techniques. Utilization of Clinical Skills is selected and practiced not only in session but is requested for the patient to continue to practice in their daily regime.

I am additionally certified in Gestalt Therapy and Bereavement Therapy.  I believe that everyone is a celebration of life and deserves to be happy and content, and develop their full  potential. 

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