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Dr. Schwartz earned certification as a school psychologist in 1978 and worked in a variety of settings involving children from preschool age through high school.  In 1982, he earned his Ph.D. and his psychologist license in Pennsylvania.  For many years, his work in private practice was supervised by Dr. Michael Goldblatt, a pioneer in child and family psychology in Philadelphia.  Dr. Schwartz was an executive for ten years in the managed care field.  In that capacity, he was involved with practice management, professional performance standards, clinical guidelines and quality management.  Dr. Schwartz opened SRI’s Jenkintown office in 1995. 

In his clinical work, Dr. Schwartz believes that the establishment of a trusting, professional relationship with every client comes first.  Assessments should be comprehensive and should result in a clear understanding of the problem and a multi-modal plan of action.  Treatment services should be individualized, focused on the presenting problem and goal-oriented.  Dr. Schwartz believes that effective therapists need to be both supportive and direct in order to foster progress toward goals. 

Dr. Schwartz focuses most of his time on working with children, adolescents and families.  He most often draws upon the strategies of behavior therapy, behavior modification, cognitive therapy and structural family therapy in addressing the needs of his clients.  Dr. Schwartz has experience and expertise with the full range of childhood and adolescent problems including ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety and mood disorders and social and relationship problems.  Dr. Schwartz is particularly familiar with childhood and adolescent behavior problems, OCD as well as problems related to family stressors.  When appropriate, he works collaboratively with referring physicians and with school personnel.

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