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I have been providing therapy as a mental health professional  for 14 years.  Most of my experience has come in working with adolescents and children.  However, in recent years I have also worked with the adult population as well.   I do enjoy working with people from all different backgrounds and ages. 


In 2006 I went to work for a Residential Treatment Facility in Bensalem, PA where I provided individual, group, and family therapy to the children in that program.  At the same time I have also worked in 2 different Outpatient therapy settings where I worked with both children and adults.   I have also worked in a church counseling setting as well.  


I  have a  Masters Degree in Counseling from Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania in 2006.  Since then I have sought to continue to educate myself in many different modalities so that I can be as well rounded as I can be  to meet the needs of many coming for help.     I have learned and practiced the benefits of Mindfulness, Relaxation, and tapping into one's own spirituality.  I have had extensive training in trauma focused therapies and helping individuals to successfully move forward beyond these events in their lives. 


My therapeutic style first focuses on building the therapeutic relationship, and then helping you to discover what strategies and tools will work best for you.  I approach counseling from the Cognitive Behavioral framework, but I also utilize Person-Centered approaches, and Reality Based therapy depending on what will most benefit you.  I will be walking alongside you while you are making the change that you see happening.  


 I believe in helping individuals see how changing perspective every so slightly can make a big difference.  I desire to see the individual come to realize their untapped potential as I have seen this in my own life and have seen others grasp this.    I look forward to meeting you and working on these goals together. 

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