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Since 2012, I've been working as a therapist in the mental health field in a number of different treatment facilities: I've worked at a high-security, long-term inpatient hospital in Indiana; I've worked in an outpatient community mental health center in northeast Philadelphia; and most recently before making the move to SRI, I worked at a private practice in Blue Bell. All of these locations, with their different needs and styles of treatment, have given me a great breadth of perspective and insight, which I use to further refine my own personal style of therapy. I'm a goals-focused therapist that uses a combination of cognitive-behavioral and existential modalities to help my clients reduce their surface-level symptoms, while assisting my client in crafting a healthy new meaning for themselves that will allow them to move through the core stressors that caused their symptoms in the first place. I have worked extensively with people ages 14 and up, on issues such as anxiety, depression & suicidality, traumas and abuse. I am 100% comfortable working with people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. I look forward to working together with you!"

Jenkintown Office:

The Pavilion

261 Old York Rd

Suite 318

Jenkintown, PA 19046



Psychological Services, P.C.

Philadelphia Office:

Revere Commons

2824 Cottman Ave

Suite 19

Philadelphia, PA  19149

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